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What is ZTICKY?

This is NOT  another "Intranet  in a box" solution

ZTICKY BAR is not  another "Intranet in a box" solution.

We provide you with a solution which integrates the "best in class" content management system  WebFlow  with your SharePoint Intranet - online or on premises.

‍So that you can share unclassified information in a way that make you able to provide the best Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

Check the "Juicy Burger DEX"

Immediate access to all your apps, no matter where you go online

Customize the apps to your liking

Install from the Edge or Chrome stores


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Once you've installed the extension to your Chrome or Edge browser, you will return to this page where you can either install one of your companies Zticky Bars or try a test one

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Many organizations make the most of their intranet, so having quick access to all the things they find helpful, like access to HR policies, IT support, and the home page from any page on the internet helps you get more things done.


Marketers have a specific quiver of tools they use on the regular, whether it's your CRM, your email tool, social media, or anything else, you can have quick access to all the important things right from wherever you happen to be. Plus, add more things as you need them!

IT Helpdesk

Any tech support person knows they have to jump between their ticketing system, knowledge bases, favorite user forums, and more. This ZTICKYBAR gets you around to everything you need so you don't have to go looking for it.

News, Guides, What's for lunch & Tools

What's for lunch, where is my favourite tools?


Teachers, professors, and students alike need immediate access to all the typical tools they bounce around in. Whether a student is writing an essay or submitting homework or a teacher grading a quiz or writing a syllabus, you can have zero-click access to all those tools with this ZTICKYBAR.

Office 365

Office 365 gives you enterprise-grade collaboration and communication tools with easy access to email, chat, documents, and more. This ZTICKYBAR is great for anyone on the platform who wants quick access to those apps plus more.

G Suite with Slack

Startups and small businesses love the Google Apps suite combined with Slack. Get work done in a simple, web-based experience all while having direct access to all your content right in this helpful ZTICKYBAR.

Get the Perfect platform for your microservices
We provide you with a gallery of "Fly Outs" / microservices which can be used either our of the box, or customized to your needs by your developers.

All "Fly Outs" free of charge - If you like to add your own brand to one or more of the apps, we can help with that (included in your subscription). If you like to change / integrate the apps, we also have an option for that. (Note that our Enterprise plan comes with full co-ownership to all fly outs).


Microsoft 365 Learning Videos

Periodic Table

Tool Catalogue

What the experts says

What Microservices Bring to the Digital Workplace

Sam Marshall | Apr 16, 2019: The idea of microservices has been around for over a decade, but we have only recently started seeing their impact on digital workplace design. My hope is this non-technical introduction will help intranet and digital workplace managers understand why microservices can be helpful in their objectives and how it can improve the digital employee experience
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for your personal use

  • Personal ZTICKY BAR
  • 30 days version history


from $199/month

Minimum $199 per month /
$1,999 if billed annually

  • Your own tool catalogue
  • Friendly links
  • Private DNS
  • 1000 Public pages
  • 1 hour of online onboarding support
  • Free support through our Zendesk system


from $999/month

Minimum $999 per month / 
$9,999 if billed annually

  • Everything in Professional plus
  • Unlimited number of ZTICKY BARS
  • Fly out's with full source & co-ownership
  • Additional 4000 Public pages
  • 1 full day of online onboarding support
  • Periodic Table Designer
  • SharePoint Online integration
  • A private Microsoft Team channel with direct access to our support team
  • Private storage


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