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What is ZTICKY?

Immediate access to all your apps, no matter where you go online

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Once you've installed the extension to your Chrome or Edge browser, click any of the example ZTICKYBARs below to see them in action. There's no content in the fly outs because you haven't customized them! If you like the idea of a ZTICKYBAR helping you throughout your day, check out the pricing section below for details on using in minutes.


Many organizations make the most of their intranet, so having quick access to all the things they find helpful, like access to HR policies, IT support, and the home page from any page on the internet helps you get more things done.

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Marketers have a specific quiver of tools they use on the regular, whether it's your CRM, your email tool, social media, or anything else, you can have quick access to all the important things right from wherever you happen to be. Plus, add more things as you need them!

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IT Helpdesk

Any tech support person knows they have to jump between their ticketing system, knowledge bases, favorite user forums, and more. This ZTICKYBAR gets you around to everything you need so you don't have to go looking for it.

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Teachers, professors, and students alike need immediate access to all the typical tools they bounce around in. Whether a student is writing an essay or submitting homework or a teacher grading a quiz or writing a syllabus, you can have zero-click access to all those tools with this ZTICKYBAR.

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Office 365

Office 365 gives you enterprise-grade collaboration and communication tools with easy access to email, chat, documents, and more. This ZTICKYBAR is great for anyone on the platform who wants quick access to those apps plus more.

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G Suite with Slack

Startups and small businesses love the Google Apps suite combined with Slack. Get work done in a simple, web-based experience all while having direct access to all your content right in this helpful ZTICKYBAR.

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for your personal use

  • 1 personal ZTICKYBAR
  • 30-day version history


from $249 per month

$2,499 if billed annually

  • Unlimited ZTICKYBARS
  • Unlimited version history
  • includes 25 users


Hosted in your cloud

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Everything in Team, plus...

  • PaaS offering
  • Private storage
  • White Labeled extension
  • Rich set of sample applications
  • Office 365 onboarding portal
  • Nice URL's with Open Graph preview
  • Full source code for everything

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